Starting my journey to Cornwall, it was a journey to my favourite country with its astonishing beauty of landscape and absolutely gentle, friendly people.  But above all  it was a journey to myself. Finding again my inner voice, my dreams and what drives me to go my way.

When we arrived in the workshop house nearby St. Ives we were welcomed very warmhearted by Nadia and Eddy. Being absolutely overwhelmed by this beauty of the house and for sure of the surrounding nature, we went for a walk in this beautiful landscape. It was the perfect house for the Vision Workshop – bright, cosy, silent and great to be so close to the sea. Thank you Nadia for choosing this.

During all this time Eddy spoiled us with very delicious food. I highly recommend this.

Yes, of course, these days were extremly intensive by sharing lots of emotions, turning your inside out and to grow with the other lovely humans in this workshop. At the beginning we were foreigners, coming from different countries and in the end we became friends.

Nadia, it was an amazing experience being there. Thank you so much for this time.


Nadia Meli

Styling: Ione Kutz

Film: Kat’s Films

Couple: Kyle & Peggy


We loved our community and that’s why we always gathered at this beautyful international female wedding photographer coworkspace. This time was fully packed with really positive energy and true emotions. Think it was due to the very easy going way of Nadia and Eddy and maybe also the magical destination of Cornwall.


I love it when we were in the hunting mode to capture all the emotions at an engagement or wedding photoshoot.



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