Hello you!

I’m  so excited to present you my very personal view to this beautiful, little country in the very South Western part of Europe:


Yes, I felt so in love with this country, I can’t describe this in words. Last year it was my first time to visit Portugal with my family. We started our Roadtrip in Porto.

In all my travels I’ve made the experience that the best way to discover a city is to go by feet.

Yeeees, that’s the truth. Sometimes it could be very hard walking the whole day but in the end you’ll find the secrets and the real charakter of a city. I can highly recommend it to you cause we never wouldn’t have eaten – may be – the best ice-cream in Europe, if we wouldn’t have discovered Porto by feet. I promise you!

Yes, and here’s my first tip for you:  Mamma Maria, (Praça da Batalha 143, near Igreja Paroquial de Santo Ildefonso)

So don’t do only take the tube in a city to go from one point to the next.

In this picturesque city Porto you can ‘float’ through the charming pathways and lanes or enjoy the streetlife and having a break in one oft the lovely restaurants or cafes. All of them are offering really good food.


Let’s start our city tour with a fantastic breakfast at the famous and oldest cafe in town the Majestic Café in the city center of Porto.  I’ll never forget this absolutely delicous taste of the hot chocolate. For sure the other stuff is also great (especially the pastel de natas, mmmmh!). It’s just a pleisure to sit there, because of the wonderful interior which is of wood and leather.  Maybe it could be better to make a reservation one day before, cause it’s alwasy full to overflowing.



You love markets in cities, so go visit the beautiful one in Porto Mercado do Bolhao in the city center. It has the charm of a chabby market of former times. There you’ll have delightful smells of excellent food. Enjoy this!



It’s always good to have a nata with you in between.

Wedding season in Porto ….



While walking through the streets of Porto, I discovered this street which made me very thoughtful but describes the actual situation of Portugal. On one hand you see so much beauty and on the other hand there’s a lot of poverty. The contrast is immensely big and lots of houses are empty.  Nevertheless I love this city and its contrast.

Great when you are a fan of Harry Potter and you gotta go to the Livaeria Lello in Porto. This amazing library inspired J. K. Rowling for her books. By entering this you feel like being at a filmset of Harry Potter. That feels great like a little child getting into a candy shop.  It’s absolutley stunning. Before getting inside this famous library you have to buy tickets for this. Be sure you have to stand in the line for about 30 minutes to get a ticket, but for every fan of Harry Potter it’s  worth it.

This is a super amazing shop for papergoods, little furnitures and all the stuff that makes life a little bit more pretty. It’s called La Vida Portuguesa, that is very close to Livraria Lello. Love the wooden interior design that looks very, very cosy.

Going a little bit further in this street you will find this crazy, extraordinary restaurant with all the supercute stuff of former times. It’s like in a museum and you’ll also get great food there. Sorry, for  not mentioning the name, but I forgot it.


At every single corner of Porto you’ll find buildings with these awesome azulejos. I’m so in love with this beautiful building decoration.

After a city walk you’ll getting hungry and Porto offers a lot of restaurants to recommend to. When we came nearby the harbour we discovered this very small but extremely good restaurant in Rua S. Francisco 8, Cozzza Rio Restaurante. I remember it was very funny sitting there and have a look around you, cause sometimes the lights of this restaurant switched off when the music was playing. Suppose, there were some difficulties with the electric power.


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