Mallorca I Impressi

Hello to all the travel crazy people! If you’re planning your next trip, please make a stop on the beautiful spanish island of Mallorca. I can absolutely recommend it to make a little trip in February

when it’s still quite cold in the heart of Europe and elsewhere. For sure it won’t overdraw an account because it’s out of holiday season. At this time the island is very calm and citizens are very relaxed, because it’s not so overcrowded like in summer time when the middle and northern part of Europe overruns the island. I tell you this is true, you can have a walk at the beach for your own and do sunbathe. Besides this the beach of Es Trenc is to mention. It’s a beautiful natural beach without any hotels just around the corner. So during the day you may have tempretures around 20 – 25 degrees, what is also very comfortable for your luggage (spring clothes, yeaaah!).

You will find a very different kind of nature at Mallorca. On the one hand you have the rough cliffs and sandy beaches in the south and on the other hand you may have a trip to the mountains. Last one it’s on my to-do-list of my next trip to this pretty island. Anyway have fun with my little impressions of Mallorca.

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