Yesss, the wheel cannot be reinvented, but knowledge can be deepened and expanded. It’s very important to me to keep developing. A photography workshop, where I only get 1 or 2 tips that will take me light years forward, is absolutely valuable to me.

Yes, and what does a wedding photographer do in the winter months….. ? One educates oneself further and looks for a good workshop. I was lucky enough to get a place at Sascha Krämer’s storytelling workshop. The focus here was on marketing and above all storytelling. Sascha has an extraordinary kind of storytelling, which led me to visit him in Cologne.

There was a lot of input here, so that the workshop topics had to be reworked for a week.

But back to the wedding photography workshop; besides a lot of knowledge transfer, there was also a practical part outside in the beautiful location of the Wahner Heide near Cologne in the freezing cold. A very nice couple stood for us in very beautiful but less warm wedding outfits for us model.

The two, Hülya and Marvin, bravely defied the cold and were wonderful models.
When it comes to further education, I always think it is important to be open to what others do so that you can simply expand your own working style. A great, not to be underestimated side effect is the new network that you take home with you on this day. Friendly people and enriching conversations. It’s a lot of fun and you’ve learned a lot. And if not, then you deepen your existing knowledge or you take something new with you.
In storytelling there are really immense differences in telling a story in such a way that the viewer can really put himself in the scenery.
Thank you Sascha for your special view on a story!

My learning at this workshop was that I would deepen my authentic, natural style and further develop storytelling.


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