Wedding Photographer London

Probably you are reading these words, because you are looking for a wedding photographer in London, U.K.  I’m so thrilled about covering great moments of people who love their life in an emotional and natural way. So I’m very happy to have you here!

From the documentary to your own Fine Art Album

My intention is to professionally cover your wedding day from the documentary coverage, through the natural representation to the finished wedding album – and thus to keep your memories safe. My goal is to create images of what the day looked like, but also images that show how the day felt. Pictures for an album full of lively moments. Pictures that you like to hang on your favorite wall to remember again and again. Lively, natural and timeless and always with an aesthetic claim.


Your Wedding in London

I am Melanie, world-explorer, chocolate-addicted, nature-lover. As a wedding photographer I certainly do weddings in Germany,  but across all Europe and beyond – this of course includes your chosen dream destination for your wedding in U.K.  My focus is you and your relationship – and this is what I want to capture in a lively and emotional way. Because I love to explore new places, I’m looking forward to get the feeling about your wedding in London!

I’m a full-time wedding photographer currently based out of a little town in the heart of Germany nearby Frankfurt/Main. I’m a wife being married with the best human ever. He’s the rock in my weird life and best father to our beloved daugther I’ve ever known for a child.

So let’s go and tell me your story and create something beautiful together.