Wedding Frankfurt, Rhine-Main

Tears of joy and a football jersey are an unusual combination, but at this wedding they simply belonged together like IKEA and candles.

I’m taking you to one of my most emotional weddings this year. Michelle and Tizian are two incredibly happy and kind people I was really looking forward to. We already knew each other from our engagement shooting, where you can see them here in love. That’s why I was really looking forward to this special day!

When I arrived at their house, I met two somewhat nervous, excited young men, namely the groom and his best man. Tizian welcomed me with the sentence: “Oh man, I’m so pumped” and then lit a cigarette. Since it didn’t really help to overcome his nervousness, something small high-percentage was used. After that we could start with the Getting Ready. I always love to experience men’s emotions like that at their wedding. This makes the whole thing somehow totally sympathetic and a little stage fright somehow belongs to it.

Getting Ready

With the help of friends and relatives, they designed their vintage wedding with great attention to detail. A friend of Michelle’s mom designed the whole flower arrangement from decoration to bridal bouquet for her. Tizian’s best man helped until late into the night with the construction of the decoration, light chains in the home location in the courtyard. Nothing stood in the way of a fantastic DIY wedding with super weather forecast. As a little wedding surprise Michelle’s sister gave her an ice cream machine for the wedding celebration, because she just likes to lick ice cream every day. I think that’s a really sweet surprise!

I found Tizian’s suit particularly original. I’ll tell you more about it in a minute. Tizian is an absolute football fan and also an enthusiastic football player in his club VfR 07 Limburg. His great passion should be integrated into wedding planning in some way. Therefore, his own football jersey was sewn into the inside of his suit. What an amazing idea and at the same time a great memory of the wedding day!

After the Getting Ready and First Look, the two of them got married in a beautiful cream Opel vintage car. When the wedding ceremony began, the bride was overcome with all emotions and already the first tears of joy began to roll and hardly stopped.

Wedding Ceremony

Many dear guests waited for the bridal couple and Tizian now showed everyone his special jacket with the jersey. When all congratulations were received, we set off for the actual quality time of the bridal couple; the bridal couple shooting. I call it that because the bride and groom have time to themselves before the big celebration begins. In any case, it is very relaxed for the bridal couple when they are ready for this for about an hour. For this special time for two, Michelle and Tizian have chosen a castle near their hometown, which is usually privately owned and only opened for this shoot. For every wedding photographer an absolute dream to shoot in such an extraordinary location.

Michelle and Tizian are really a dream couple and that’s not just a platitude, it’s serious. Both have known each other since their teenage years and at the bridal couple shooting one had the impression that they had just met. Both still look at each other as in love as on the first day.

I thank Michelle and Tizian for trusting me to be a part of your special day.




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