Wedding Album I Your Memories

Hello dear brides and grooms,

thank you for stopping by at my little blog. It’s so nice to have you here on board.

Imagine how many million photos will be shot every day and just stay at the hard disk. Actually many photos will be shared in social medias like Instagram, Facebook, Google and so on. You can share it with your family and friends . But what about the future? Do you really remember special events in a 10 or 30 years? Are these special moments and memories really save at the hard disk?

So what I mean is to save some very special life-changing moments in a

wedding album, a wedding book or photo prints.

But be aware. There are pretty differences in the quality. You will find lots of offers for these products that are really cheap and quite o.k. with the quality.

Personally my choice concerning this is due to the event. I do choose one of the cheaper products for a personal holiday album. But for the WEDDING ALBUM I decide a high quality product which is longlasting quality for a lifetime.

Photographers do have a different issue to photo products that are of a high quality. These products are completely different to the products that are available to everybody.

The bride and groom have the opportunity to order a wedding album which is designed by myself and then I let it produce. It’s very important for me that you don’t have to order this anyway, because it’s an investment, but in future it will be worth it.

Designing an album is a lot of work … To choose the best photos of the best photos of the wedding day could be very hard and design it the right way. Often people didn’t made it to create an album of their holidays.

Finally I highly recommend you to make some photo products of your wedding day. It’s up to you to decide which provider will do it, the mass provider or the photographer.

But don’t forget it’s for a lifetime and for your children and of course for your grandchildren.

Love, Melanie

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