Hello dear fans of the Portugal coastline,

I’m so happy to present you some beaches of the Portugals coastline that are completely different. The first one I’ll show you from the bird’s eye view. It wasn’t planned to go to this viewing platform, it just happened. I promise, it was a blast!

Yes, here we are at one of the most wonderful, endless beaches of the Algarve coastline. It’s dreamy for every surfer, because you’ll find here real powerful and consistent waves.

History of earth is absolutely visible at these different shifts of stones. Maybe that could be quite interesting for the ones who are studying geology.

Love this incredible width of this beach.

At the beginning of the beach I discovered this artistically creations of stones. I think that must have been a lot of work, but it was worth it. The stones are just layed on one another and they stand the strong and powerful wind  Adorable art of stones!

You will often meet fishermans at the cliffs and rocks. They standing at very risky places at the rocks to get the best fishes.


That’s always a good combination; Rocks, cliffs, wild ocean and my Compagnon-bagpack, which is always with me. Besides this I’m so happy to have bought these sandals of Birkenstock for this summer. They are absolutely comfortable and you can also climb over the cliffs in case of need. Great shoes!

This  landscape appears bizarre in a mixture of sandy beach, raw ocean and black cliffs and rocks. So you get the feeling of being in another world or being on a filmset of a great blockbuster like Star Wars or similar Fantasy movies. For me that is one of the most impressive and most worth seeing beaches of the Algarve.

Thank you for joining my blog and look forward to part II of the most beautiful and extraordinary beaches of the Algarve.

See you and wish you pretty wanderlust,


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