Hey guys, if you are a fan of Porto and Lisbon do pay attention to the South of Portugal. You’ll find some beautiful beaches just around every corner. They are great to relax and for surfing.  So stay tuned I’ll show you some impressions of this beautiful location where I always feel good and don’t want to leave.

Just one thing, before I’m going to plan a trip, I always take the travel guides of Lonelyplanet with me since many many years. There you’ll find some specific locations that are off the touristic mainstream.

Here you can see so wonderful and extraordinary beaches like the one below.  If you enter this little beach you will find cliffs and nature like in the South West of the USA.

Leaving the impressive landscape of this beach you can visit a bit of the cultural things of Portugal. Please pay attention to your things, because it’s an extremely windy place. Otherwise the fishes will find your things in the Atlantic Ocean. Besides this you may have the chance to discover one of the cliff fishermans. They are standing at the top of the cliffs in a very dangerous posture for fishing.

The Portuguese people are really good in fishing as well as in cooking these ones. I’m always getting very hungry by the fresh air of the ocean. Then let’s go to one of the great fish restaurants of the South of Portugal. Everytime I got lunch there it’s soooo delicious. I also love the nice industrial interior of the restaurants.  In former times it seemed to be an old nursery.



After having lunch, go to one of the Bistro-Bars. I recommend you to order the apple juice which is freshmade and absolutely delightful. For sure you’ll get many more great cocktails and burgers.


Now I’ll show you the most exciting experience; the dolphin watching. Just go to the harbour and then you’ll go the ocean by a little boat for a about 45 minutes. We had good luck by discovering some beautiful dolphins just nearby our boat.  Great experience!

Oh yes, I recommend you to go and see the beautiful intimate beaches with the wonderful bay and an amazing cave where you can go inside.

It’s a very impressive feeling to be at the end of the old world at one of the most exciting sunsets ever. Put on a warm jacket, it’s also quite windy and fresh in summertime. Enjoy it!


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