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Thinking about a wedding in your holidays could be a great idea. Here are 5 REASONS TO CELEBRATE YOUR WEDDING AT YOUR DREAM DESTINATION to choose another way than the traditional one. So keep on having fun and enjoy your emotional day.



We all know how ridiculous it can be to pay for a wedding. The venue alone can costs tens of thousands of Euros. Then comes the dress, the cake, the flowers, the classic car…the list could go on forever. Hard earned money is handed over for an event that will really only last half a day. The venue will be scrubbed clean of your memories and prepped for the next wedding, those flowers will wilt, so much of the food will be thrown out, that cake has been eaten. And the dress…that beautiful, perfect, fairytale dress will sit in the back of your closet slowly aging as the years go by never to be worn again. Do you really want a traditional wedding enough to spend all that money and potentially go into debt? Being engaged shouldn’t feel like the starting gun of a race, but it seems to send women on a planning sprint throwing money around like it’s free.


Some people take a year or years to plan a wedding. It seems overwhelming to spend an entire year of your life planning for just one day. Imagine if you spent all that time and energy on your relationship instead. As couples plan their wedding, it can be one of the most stressful times of their relationship. True colors start to come out and family problems erupt. Why fight about centerpieces or the guest list when you could be discussing the future and mapping out your lives together. Wouldn’t everyone’s life be a little better if they spent an entire year focusing on their goals? It could be the reason your marriage is stronger and happier. Skip the fights, tearful breakups, eventual reconciliations (because you can’t bare to tell everyone the wedding is off), and all the chaos. Instead spend a year getting to know each other better and work on your relationship. Prepare yourself for the ups and downs of marriage and focus on the years to come, not just one day.


Instead of using all that money on a boring run of the mill wedding, why not go crazy with it? Skip stuffy, overpriced venues and get married on a beach in Australia, cliffside in Ireland or in a hot air balloon. So often people get caught up in the wedding process that they lose sight of themselves. They are talked into things they don’t really want and pushed to spend money on things they don’t need. This can lead to a circus of a wedding that doesn’t reflect who you are together. Get back to who you are as a couple, and pick a location that is all about your relationship. Whether it is totally out there or a simple ceremony at your favorite park, make it count. Create a wedding that showcases you and forget about who doesn’t agree, who can’t make it, or what people might say. It is your day. Do something authentic and new, something that makes you happy, not anyone else.


The formality of a wedding can be a bit stuffy. Instead of holding a ceremony and reception, plan your ceremony wherever and however then throw a big bash after the fact. A year from now no one will remember the food or the flowers, and all that painstaking planning will fade away into countless other weddings. Instead have a true celebration. No jacket required, no costly bridesmaid dresses that will be worn once, let everyone comes as they are and really enjoy this milestone in your life.  Focus on truly celebrating the beginning of your life together. Hold a beach bonfire or a backyard BBQ. Rent a house for the weekend and spend quality time with friends and family. It will be easier for everyone to enjoy themselves. Don’t get sucked into the wedding magazines and the mountain of suggestions. Think outside the box. Traditional doesn’t always mean fun.



Instead of throwing all of your money (or parents money) into the black hole of wedding planning, you could turn your wedding into an epic vacation. Think about what kind of trip you could take with thousands of dollars. You could plan a romantic getaway in the Fiji Islands where the water is so crystal clear it’s like blue glass. Holed up in a water bungalow away from the craziness of the world and your families, you could say “I do,” drenched in sunlight. Then, spend some time exploring the islands, skinny dipping, lounging, eating, and enjoying each other. So much money goes into the event of a wedding when the honeymoon could be the main event. Getting married should be about enjoying each other but so often the actual wedding trumps everything, overtaking your relationship. This is a happy time in your life and your relationship. Live it up. Do what you both love to do and enjoy it before you’re old, gray and too arthritic to do anything.


Your wedding day will go by in a blur of people and chaos. Most of your time will be spent being ushered from one thing to the next. Your morning will be spent fussing about your hair, makeup, nails, and dress. If you are lucky there won’t be any tears or catastrophes. The big moment you walk down the aisle will be over before you know it and suddenly you are married! Then it is time for photos. You will be posed and moved and prodded for the next hour trying your very best to look oh so natural and happy. From there you’ll hit the reception where you’ll try your very best to talk to everyone and hustle around the room making sure your guests are having fun. You’ll get a couple dances in and maybe a little of that food you spent so much money on and of course a great shot of the cake cutting. However, that doesn’t mean you got to eat a piece. Somehow, it is the end of the night, and it is all gone. Over. Skip the obligatory traditions and elope. Make memories together. Memories that will last forever. Memories that center around you, your partner in life and the commitment you have made to one another.


Weddings always seem to come at the same time. If you have one, you have a whole summer full of them. If your own wedding is somewhere in the middle of the busy wedding season, it could be hard to find your favorite wedding photographer, because they are fully booked in this time. Avoid this by choosing your wedding outside the season at your dream location where you don’t have to care about the weather.

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