Boho Wedding

Hello Love,

did you ever felt so welcomed by people you never known before? That was absolutely one of the greatest gift you can get as a boho wedding photographer from a wedding couple and their family and friends. This couple was so grateful, happy and extremly funny. I’ve laughed a lot during their big day. Anna, the bride,  is such a warmhearting and very beautiful woman. She was tieing the knot with a wonderful and very funny man.

Getting Ready

At the beginning the bride was driven by her father in a beautiful vintage car to the church. Of course he was bringing his daughter to her beloved groom. This ceremony was so emotional, that the tears of joy starts right at the beginning. The family was singing a song in the church and all the emotions were  so overwhelming for the lovely bride. Her groom always hold her hand to get her a little calm.

But one of the highlights for the bride and groom was waiting outside the church. They both are absolutly big fans of Star Wars. So one character of the Stormtroopers is standing in their house and the other ones were waiting in real at the church. What a big surprise for the bride and groom. They both and all the guests had soooo much fun with that.

After having this emotional ceremony and big surprise we went for a walk and had have a very relaxed and funny couple shooting with great weather at the riverside. There’s such a beautiful landscape with trees and meadows and absolutely perfect for the couple shooting. It was good for the couple to have a little time out of the excitment of the wedding day by walking for the shooting.

So pretty refreshed bride and groom could start the party at a lovely boho vintage styled wedding location. The groom had the amazing idea to have a barbecue outside the location what was so great for a very easy going summer wedding party . The guests were so chilled and later on they got a great entertainment by their family members by telling their stories and singing romantic songs for the newlyweds.


Thank you Anna and Michel for being part of your wonderful wedding day. Story is to be continued here at their Babybelly Shooting

XX Melanie



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