Babybelly -Shooting Wiesbaden

These both wonderful humans will make a great adventure very soon. I think there’s nothing greater than love is turning into life of two humans. For a mum-to-be the time of maternity is so intensive and very sensual. Feeling the baby moving, hearing the heartbeat of the baby is a great experience for parents-to-be. These memories are so precious and are growing more worth it in lifetime.

Jana and Tarek wants to keep alive these specific memories. These peeps are a really great dream-team. During our shooting there was so much joy, love and fun.

Lucky us we had have an absolutely phenomenal weather for our shooting. Days before it had rained in cats and dogs. So the bottom was so mud till the day before out couple shooting. Good luck we shift the planned appointment, because I had to cover a wedding the day before. So the weather had completely changed at our date. We had sunshine and a legendary sunset. Absolutely dreamy. Jana and Tarek were dived into the warm and soft light of the evening sun.  It was the perfect gift of mother nature to these lovely humans.

During our shooting they both told me that they celebrated their wedding 3 years ago. But Tarek would loved to tie the knot with her three weeks after their first date. He’s absolutely mad about the love of her life. They love the life and are also as travel mad like me. At the beginning of the year they traveled around Thailand for a view weeks. They made some cool tattoos there and picked up a very cute souvenir which they can hold in their arms in a view weeks.

Thank you both so much for trusting me and have a great time with your beloved cute baby!

Love, Melanie




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