Wedding Photographer


What's all about me

Hey, it's me, Melanie

I’m a full-time wedding photographer currently based out of a little town in the heart of Germany nearby Frankfurt/Main. I’m a wife being married with the best human ever. He’s the rock in my weird life and best father to our beloved daugther I’ve ever known for a child.

I love

  • Exploring the world, I’m mad about cliffs, salty air,  and the raw of the ocean
  • chocolate (must be with me all the time, especially Lindt chocolate and Nutella are my favorites)
  • the more warm areas of our planet

I’m not about static poses and animation in my wedding or engagement photography. It’s about spending time with awesome humans just like friends. That’s why get the real love of you in photos where you recognize the reason why you love the other one. I’m really about capturing these little moments in between. That is the story I wanna explore with you.

So let’s go and tell me your story and create something beautiful together.